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West Coast Woodworks' Saloon Back Bars

Gold River Casino Bar.
Gold River Casino is the place we ought
to be! This bar is very tall with a copper
metal ceiling, and can be seen through
out the  casino. It is made out of
white oak and is full of carvings and
curves. The bar is supported by steel
inside the oak columns and
supports 12 small T.V.'s and two
big screens, weighing 350 lbs. each.
This is the casino  sports bar and the
T.V.'s are tuned for sports betting.
The front  bar surrounds this bar
and is set up with slot machines.
Additional photos and our scope of
work can be viewed from our News Page.


Gold River Casino, Laughlin, NV
Additional photos on our Gold River job.


West Coast Woodworks saloon back bars are in major hotels, casinos, resorts and restaurants all over the country. We have produced back bars 32' in length, and longer, such as the beautiful replica of a Del Monte Back Bar from the early 1900's we fabricated for Harry Denton's Bar and Grill, in San Francisco, CA. The front bar was fabricated to accept dancing girls on top! Including Harry! :-)

Harry Denton's Bar &
Grill, San Fran., CA
This photo shows the
bar as work in process.
Harry Denton's San Francisco custom made bar.


Gregory's Restaurant, Anaheim, CA

Gregory's Bar in Anaheim, CA Mahogany custom made front and back bar.


Custom made Napa bar Napa Bar
Napa Embassy Suites, Napa, CA

Custom Made by WCW Custom Made by WCW
Harris Ranch, Colinga, CA Channel House Restaurant Bar,  Catalina, CA

Harris Ranch Bar
When finished, this spectacular,
custom made bar was installed in
a restaurant and lounge in Coalinga,
California. All carvings were by
hand at WCW, and the mirrors
were silvered by us to achieve the
ultimate of reflection.  Back bar
dimensions are 12' high by 52'
in length. As shown, there is an island
This bar was finished to appear  antique.
Harris Ranch Bar
Heavily detailed 1906 back bar after regraining!
Changing this bar from flashed mahogany to oak by hand graining.
Larry and Ref regraining the bar shown above.
Walking by is our friend, Ref, a long
time Walt Disney grainer, helping
us out.  Larry, owner of WCW is the
one presently graining to Oak.
The same front and back bar from mahogany to oak.
Column Mahogany front bar Grained in oak front bar. Ornate cornace being regrained.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] West Coast Woodworks doesn't sub to contractors, the fabrication of our bars. We do all our own work!
[Bullet] The refer doors are made by us.

[Bullet] There is no style or size we cannot do!

Original turn-of-the-century back bar. Custom made for Bobby McGee's Restaurant
Small Bar suitable for home use!
Custom Bar, Bobby McGee's Restaurant,   Burlingame, California

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