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West Coast Woodworks: Wall Units and Fixtures


Marriott Key Largo Bay Beach Resort, Florida Gift shop, Key Largo, FL

Gift shop area, Marriott Key Largo Bay Beach Resort


West Coast Woodworks constructs our wall units with expert detailing, and are
structured to last. Including wall units, we fabricate architectural interiors for hotel
conference rooms, as well as hotel elevator interiors.

Family room bar.


Private residence family room with total wood wall paneling
and carved ceiling paneling. This unit was fabricated in
oak with a antique oak finish



Key Benefits

[Bullet] West Coast Woodworks supplies all glass and brass.
[Bullet] Complete experience with hardwoods, softwoods and finishing.
[Bullet] Expert installation with our installers.

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Original turn-of-the-century back bar. Custom made front bar to match the back bar.
Perfect for a  home is this 8'wide x 8'7"high
antique back bar. This is a style we are able
to duplicate for clients,  if we don't have an
antique bar this size  in stock.
The front bar shown was fabricated to match the back bar, using
a beautiful antique panel with carvings at each corner.

The back bar mirror was resilvered by West Coast Woodworks
in our mirror resilvering department.



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