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Sports Bar The Gold River Hotel and Casino is in Laughlin, Nevada. (U.S.)
The Sports Book Area and the Poker Area were 2 phases of work West Coast Woodworks fabricated  for the casino.


Poker Area

The casino was done in oak with a white wash finish. We fabricated all the fixtures, as well as the poker tables. Also the ceilings, carvings, moldings, and finishing.

Sports Book Bar

These photos show you the scope of our work within the casino. The bar above wasn't in operation as of this time, and the final brass for the stemware had not been installed.

                                                                      Poker Area
Poker Area


Below is the raised Sports Gaming Area

Sports Gaming Area Sports Book Counter
All the red tone tops are of specially ordered African Peduk wood. The wood arrived at our shop a dark purple and after fine sanding, it turned brilliant red. Upon finishing, the Peduk retained it's reddish tone.



Restaurant Entries

Cafe Victoria
Pasta Cucina
A robber? No! Believe it or not...it was Halloween!


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