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West Coast Woodworks is a supplier of mouldings, carvings, panels, doors, and anything else that would apply to cabinetry, including brass.
Larry and company is currently on Disneyland's approved bidder's list. Our jobs for Disneyland include the retail shops at Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh and Indiana Jones Adventure. We had the exciting task of building within the waiting areas for rides at Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. 

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The job isn't done until the last nail is in!

We are famous for our new bars that meet toady's standards and codes. Just call our store in Huntington Beach, CA and ask for Larry or Cecil.
Click here for photos of our work on our Saloon Back Bar Page. West Coast Woodworks travels anywhere in the country to install. We fabricate, carve the ornate carvings, finish and even silver some of the bar mirrors in our resilvering department. There isn't a commercial job too large for us to do. 
For additional information, please contact our store in Huntington Beach, CA at (714) 596-9663. Larry's cell: (949) 295-2700.



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Larry Wilson, at your service...
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