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Mirror Resilvering
In Southern California, by Sandra

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Mirror resilvering is no longer available for our local area of Orange County. We do not know abut L.A. County or San Diego.

It is possible some time in the future a company local may want to begin mirror resilvering, and I will be sure to make that announcement.
If you don't mind shipping, Ron at Ron's Corner will be glad to talk to you about his mirror resilvering services. 

The process requires soaking the old silver and paint in a tank of solution for a day or two. The stripped mirror, now glass, is cleaned well on all sides, including the edges. The glass is then further cleaned with acid, and polished with rouge or pumice until it feels smooth to the touch. After rinsing, distilled water is applied and followed with a special solution to enable the silver formula to actually adhere to the glass. The silver formula is a clear liquid by itself. However, after it is applied to the glass, it solidifies and turns silver in about 20 seconds. After the glass is silvered and results acceptable, the excess water from rinsing is dried. A layer of shellac is applied and when that has dried, mirror back paint is rolled or brushed on. 

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